headshotField & Post is me, Melissa Hsiung. I am a generalist.

I have been building websites since 1996 (mostly with WordPress). I also have experience in print production, data conversion, and illustration.

Mostly, I like to make things, especially lists. Here is one:

Values That I Try to Instill in My Projects

  1. No surprises
    • Err on the side of over-communication
    • Bad news sooner is better than bad news later
  2. Use the wheel
    • Don’t make a new wheel if you don’t have to
    • Learn from the past and from other people’s experience
  3. Weekly meetings every week

That was great, how do we work together?

If you are interested in working together, please get in touch. I’m happy to work in a team, as a partner, a temp, or as a white-label subcontractor.

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That was not what I was looking for, do you know a real designer/developer?

In case you were looking for other types of web services, here are some vendors that I like to work with: